Text-to-Order Shoplifter Busted

Want that new pair of sneakers but don’t feel like paying full price? If you’re on good terms with Sean Harrington from Louisville, Ky., you might just be in luck. The 36-year-old not only made a business for himself by shoplifting merchandise like shoes and then reselling them on the street, he took it a step further into the real world of entrepreneurship by getting exactly what his customers wanted.

The way Harrington worked was by getting people to text him products that they wanted to get on “discount”; he would then proceed to go “shopping” for these people. Except instead of throwing items into a shopping cart, he simply shoved them down his pants. And this wasn’t just a pair of shoes here and there; the report says that Harrington had stolen almost $600 worth of shoes in one month and had a phone full of text message “orders” for other merchandise.

It makes you wonder what employees must have been doing to not notice a man with a pantsfull of shoes walking out the front door of the store. As for Harrington, he’s getting charged with receipt of stolen property and theft by unlawful taking, as well as being permanently banned from the stores from which he stole.

Let this be a lesson to any future crooks: you might get away with stuffing things down your pants for a while, but the long arm of the law is bound to snatch you up sooner or later.

(Via Gizmodo) / (Image by Benimoto licensed under Creative Commons)

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