The Cellphone Spy: Ethics vs. Security

evesdropping_cellphones_080314_mnThe amount of information stored on a cellphone is staggering. Things like your whereabouts, call times, text message logs, not to mention names and phone numbers can all be accessed from your cellphone. Cellphone Spy Technology allows you to read deleted text messages. Cutting edge software can innocuously turn any smart phone into a GPS Tracker. The fast paced field of consumer surveillance technology may be too fast for tech-hungry spies. As with all technology, spy-gear often overtakes its users, leaving behind a myriad of ethical questions in its wake. The Brickhouse Security specialists are here offer three ways to employ cellphone surveillance that won’t weigh on your conscience.

1. Monitor Your Child’s Cellphone
Strictly speaking your child’s cellphone is actually your phone. You are not overstepping any sort of legal or moral line by monitoring your child’s cellular communications. You never know what kind of trouble your child getting into. Whether it be at school, the park, or local shopping mall, children can be susceptible to stranger danger. By monitoring his or her cellphone activity you can get an idea of where they are, who they are with, and what they are doing. The Brickhouse Security team recomends you be candid with your children about the fact that you know what they are up to. That alone should inspire good behavior.

2. Police Department Investigations
CNN Reports that police detectives have teamed up with private volunteers to try and help allure sexual deviants who prey on children. “Harris, an investigator for the Child Sex Internet Investigations Unit in Jefferson County, Colorado, thought the service could be a new tool for combating sexual predators.” The Cellphone Spy keeps a log of all the SMS messages exchanged so that they can be later used in court.

3. Business Owners
For small business owners Cellphone Spying can be a god send. If you own a business and provide your employees with a Smart Phone with internet access you can turn that cellphone into a GPS Tracker. Make sure your employees are where they are supposed to be. You can also use Cellphone Spy Devices to recover sensitive data that might have been deleted.

“I monitor my employees at the workplace,” said a woman, who owns a small business and asked that her name not be disclosed. “And this is my son. So to me it’s not like I’m wiretapping him. Besides, privacy in my house is earned.”

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