Boston Police Set Up High Tech Surveillance Center

1c1b0a_030210crimenl03This week Boston police unveiled their new high tech real time surveillance center. This fusion center will provide officers with data from surveillance video footage, data from gunshot detection technology and resources in real time so that law enforcement can rush to the scene of a crime.

The Real Time Crime Center is being staffed by detectives and five civilian analysts whose jobs include monitoring video from city surveillance cameras, monitoring alerts from the gunshot detection system ShotSpotter, monitoring radio communications, and using mapping technology and other databases. The center monitors a total of 84 cameras that are located by city evacuation routes, and the center can also access surveillance images on Transportation Department cameras.

“This program here continues to do the work that we need,” said Mayor Thomas M. Menino. “They continue to give the men and women on the streets of our city the tools they need to continue the reduction of crime in the city of Boston.”

To date, the new unit and its center has already helped officers in the field. Just recently, on February 11th, ShotSpotter and surveillance video captured a gunfight between two feuding gang associates on Blue Hill Avenue. Surveillance video was able to spot a suspect crossing the street to recover something after the shooting. The center’s staff then notified the officers who were on location. Consequentially, the officers were able to recover a cell phone and GPS unit that they might not have otherwise known about. In total three people were arrested.

(Via the Boston Herald)

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