British Police Expanding Use of Thief Tracker Kits

british-policePolice in North Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom, have been using a special Thief Tracker Kit with much success. The Thief Tracker Kit is essentially a hidden camera system that is designed to fit inside property or vehicles, in order to catch criminals stealing bikes and breaking into vans, sheds and garages.

On top of catching the thief on camera, the kit also exposes the thief to a special liquid that serves the purpose of forensically linking them to the crime. The Thief Tracker kit is even able to alert police via text message once it becomes activated.

Detective Inspector, leader of the serious acquisitive crime team, has said: “We have had a reduction and some of that is down to Thief Tracker.

As a result of using these kits, the North Staffordshire police division has already seen a drop in vehicle crime, domestic burglaries, theft from vehicles and  serious acquisitive crime. The division plans on buying more cameras to help combat the theft of cycles and thefts from vans and sheds.

(Via the Sentinel)

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