Time Warner Wireless Routers Revealed to be Vulnerable to Attack

router1A blogger helping set up a friend’s Internet connection made the shocking discovery that Time Warner’s wireless routers expose its customers to a huge security gap, making them vulnerable to a hacker. Apparently, Time Warner provided customers with insufficiently protected wireless routers that use the same exact password for every customer. The protection is so poor, that even if the hacker didn’t already know the password, they could easily bypass the javascript protection and retrieve the password, giving themselves access to everything a Time Warner Cable customer does online.

Once hacked, the hacker can launch attacks on other routers in the same way, with the footsteps leading back to the Time Warner subscriber. Aside from just using your router pin cyber crimes on you, the hackers can also see what you are doing online and steal sensitive information like usernames and passwords.

Time Warner says that within the past week they have temporarily patched up the problem and are working with the manufacturers on a permanent fix so that nothing like this happens again.

(Via PCWorld)

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