Officials Use Camera Footage for Clues in Times Square Attempted Bombing

times-sq-bombAfter an attempted bombing in Times Square the evening of May 1, police and investigators are now scouring through hours of surveillance camera footage to help fill in the holes of what really happened. A car filled with propane tanks, jugs of gasoline, firecrackers, and fertilizers was noticed by street vendors when it began to fill with smoke. What could have been a disaster, was preempted before it could detonate. The prime suspect is described as a white man in his 40’s who removed a sweatshirt, revealing a red t-shirt, in an alley near where the bomb-laden SUV was parked.
People like the one behind this latest bombing attempt are attracted to places like Times Square in Manhattan because they are heavily populated. “Obviously, it wasn’t an accident,” New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. “It was somebody who brought this to the location to send a message, to terrorize people in the area.”
The NYPD is working in conjunction with the FBI and are currently following leads and interviewing people for information. If you have any information pertaining to the case you are urged to notify the NYPD. The police are stating that they will find who is responsible but are not yet sure when they will uncover this information.
Thankfully there is a happy ending this time, seeing as no one was injured. This situation is another example of why having surveillance cameras in public places is necessary for public safety. It is true that criminals are less likely to engage in illegal activities if they know cameras are recording. Even if criminal activities do occur, police can now rely on camera footage to find and investigate criminals. Having the top-of-the-line cameras will record footage with the best clarity and will help police enormously in identifying responsible parties.

(Video Fox News)

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