TMZ Camera Man Robbed, Caught on Camera

0211_camera_tmz_videoWhen you hear a story like this, you just have to wonder why. An inconspicuous beanie-clad young man now has his fifteen minutes of fame thanks to TMZ, the TV show you turn to for all your celebrity gossip. A TMZ cameraman was interviewing Dennis Hopper’s lawyer outside an L.A. courtroom, when the aforementioned man snatched the camera and made off with it. Hilariously, the camera was still on and captured the crook’s travels as he made a run for it.

The dizzying footage, now posted on TMZ’s website, captured the entire event as the camera thief bolted down a tree-lined street and eventually wound up in a parking lot. Little did he know that a fellow TMZ cameraman happened to be in that same parking lot. The hooligan decided to scrap the camera-stealing idea (maybe because he realized that running with a camera is harder than it looks) and left the device upside down on the ground, still rolling.

This camera thief should have thought a little more about his plan. Since he stole a rolling camera and then deserted it, the police now has pretty good footage of what he looks like. Anyone with any information pertinent to the case is asked to call the police.

(Via TMZ)

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