Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods to Eat While Driving

274622_f520Domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and sexual assault- all of these are typical reasons for procuring a restraining order; but there is a new and very unusual type of restraining order that has been raising some eyebrows. Do not be fooled by the seemingly harmless nature of what these restraining orders aim to fight– turning a blind eye can lead to car accidents, burn victims, and even death. What exactly is the culprit behind these series of tragedies? The answer will surprise you: it’s food.

Yes, disguised behind a mask of pure, decadent, savory, deliciousness – food, when eaten in the wrong place, can be fatally dangerous while driving. Ask the victims of car accidents due to the impaired judgment of the other driver while consuming food ,and they will tell you just how lethal food can be. But don’t put down those crackers just yet, because all food isn’t guilty and has compiled a list to guide your way the next time you are in the food court and are looking for a little snack to eat while driving.

images21. Coffee. Some call this liquid gold their only reason to wake up in the morning. However, the drinking needs to stop in the driveway and before you reach your car. This extremely hot, steaming, and tempting drink always has people taking sips before they should, resulting in swearing, spills, and swerves while on the road.

chicken-soup_02. Hot soup. Why you would think that soup is the perfect snack to have while driving in your car is beyond me. First, the mere fact that it requires a spoon which, while sitting at a table with no movement whatsoever, half the population cannot master  Рshould be a red flag that this is not the perfect meal to delight yourself to while driving. The chances of successfully feeding yourself en route are slim to none and can only result in a boiling, hot mess.

34496_logo3. Tacos. Normally filled with at least three different ingredients, these crunchy, explosive accidents in waiting are the perfect example of what NOT to eat while driving. The tasty crunch can wait until your next stop because the probability of some of these ingredients falling out of the taco and onto your lap are extremely high.

4. Chili. While this might be better than soup because it’s a little less likely to spill, it’s bad all the same. And even worse, it probably stains a lot.

images35. Hamburgers. These juicy, flavorful, mouth watering bits of pure love can be deceptive. You may find yourself thinking that you can eat them using your hands, making them a great snack to have in the car, but you may find yourself thinking again when you go to make a sharp left turn and your hand slips off the wheel from all the grease that was on covering your hands. You’ll look up to see that you have crashed into a fire hydrant and then glare at the small hamburger sitting on the floor.

10corndog_jonathunder6. Foods on a Stick. While these foods might actually be advertised to be eaten while multi-tasking, they are probably the most dangerous food that you could possible eat while driving, running, or doing anything in motion. Stopping short, being rear-ended, or making a sharp turn can all result in the stick portion of your meal injuring you in a fatal manner.

7. Fried chicken. Inherent in their name, chicken fingers might seem the perfect finger food to eat en route to your images4next destination. But take a second to think about how fried chicken actually comes into being: it is submerged into a pool of oil. Now, these oil infused pieces of chicken make their way to your hands while driving, coating your hands with a nice slippery texture. The next thing you know you can’t get a firm grasp on the stick shift and you stall in the middle of the highway while cars whiz ahead of you honking and making profane gestures in your general direction.

im0068488. Jelly or Cream Filled Doughnuts. The look of shock followed by a wince of remorse on the face of someone who just took their first bite in a jelly doughnut is priceless. After realizing that they just squirted out most of the filling onto their lap, the doughnut lover normally attempts to hastily clean the evidence. Looking like a mess while filling out a police report for the accident that just occurred is most definitely not going to help your case.

soft_drinks9. Soft Drinks. These little devils have a very subtle and frequently undetected effect on their victims. One word encompasses the entirety of the danger that lies between the ice cubes: fizz.¬† Bubbling up your nose into your sinuses, making you’re eyes wince as the feeling passes in a matter of moments, fizz is fatal when you are driving. Because during those moments your whole world can change and the consequences could be irrevocable.

chocolate110. Chocolate. As a girl’s second best friend (right after diamonds), chocolate tends to be the much more affordable and popular relative to a girl’s first best friend. But no matter how much you are craving the rich, creamy, luxurious taste of those sweet, sweet cocoa beans, think again. On a hot summer day chocolate might seem like exactly the thing you need to calm your nerves when it’s actually the worst. As it melts before you are able to bring it to your mouth, you are normally left with nothing but complete stickiness that can lead to all sorts of mistakes. This is one friendship needs to be left outside of the car.

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