Top 8 Must Have Gadgets For Summer Travel

Top 8 Must Have Gadgets For Summer Travel

Close your eyes and imagine that you are standing at the edge of the ocean looking into a world of possibilities.  As you breathe in the fresh air, you smile and exhale the past year.  The next breath you take is the beginning of your favorite time, the beginning of endless adventures, the beginning of summer.  Take those first few steps in the salty pool of memories yet to be made slowly and be sure to have these few gadgets with you along the way.

yhst-81126207287951_2061_1019339461. Soda Can Safe – $19.95
Following the design of Jurassic Park’s Denis Nerdy’s shaving cream canister that he used to store dinosaur embryos in, so too do these authentic soda cans provide safe, unsuspecting places to put your valuables. It may not be million year old dinosaur embryos, but treasure is in the eye of the beholder. So whether it be a thousand dollars, or the first dollar bill you made at your store, your grandmother’s diamond ring, or the ring your fiancee got you out of the dispenser at Wal Mart, make sure that your treasure is safe while you travel. The Soda Can Safe is the perfect, portable vault that makes it a little easier breathe while looking at the Mona Lisa, climbing the steps of the Great Pyramids, or watching the glistening waters pass you by in a gondola. Made from real soda cans, these believable safes are guaranteed to secure your valuables.

p2130_main2. Spotlight Torch – $19.95
Imagine that you are driving home from your annual weekend camping trip in the mountains. The roads are shimmering in the dark as your headlights guide your way home. They are wet from the incessant summer showers that ruined the vacation you had been looking forward to all year, but you exhale calmly knowing that you are on your way home. All of a sudden you hear a loud noise and your car comes to an abrupt stop. You get out to investigate but can’t see a thing. You go into your car to retrieve a flashlight but, of course, the batteries are dead. You hear the voice of your wife in your head reminding you to change the batteries and sigh remembering how you merely nodded your head just to make her stop talking. Alas, you remember you brought your spotlight torch with you! You run to your car and plug in the two-inch, titanium, powerful .5W LED spotlight torch and let it charge in your car’s cigarette charger. In a matter of minutes you’re ready to go out and you smile after finding that there was nothing wrong with your car.

tracem_lg3. Trace Me Luggage Tag – 11.69 Euros  (16.35 U.S Dollars)
After hours spent in the lost luggage room in the airport you finally give up and go to your hotel. Two days, $300 worth of overpriced, ill fitting foreign clothing, and 4 hours on the phone with the airline later you finally accept that your luggage has been lost and there is nothing you can do about it except wait. Well, as Yoda says, wait no longer you will. With the new, innovative, a beautifully simple Trace Me Luggage Tag, wait no longer you will is right. Trace Me Luggage Tag has a unique bar code and serial number that ensures that, like a loyal boomerang, your luggage will come right back to you. Any handling office or airport can simply scan the tag and your name and details will come up on the property ownership register at Then with a simple call, text, e-mail, BBM, or Facebook wall post you will notified immediately the whereabouts of your luggage.

31mqnzfktxl_sl160_aa115_4. Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale – $20.00
As your face turns various shades of red and purple while switching intimate clothing from luggage to luggage in the middle of the airport, you may wonder to yourself why didn’t you weigh your luggage BEFORE you got to the airport. Your thoughts are interrupted by the tapping of a foot nearby and the snickers of the soon to be victims. Well, you think to yourself, a few minutes worth of embarrassment does not cost more than the astronomical amount of money the airline wanted for the overweight charges. The debate can end there. No more embarrassing switches and no more surcharges. With Balanzza Digitial Luggage Scale weighing luggage at home or in hotels has never been easier. Just hook the scale onto the piece of luggage and lift. The weight will automatically show on the digital reader.

locator-main-shot5. BrickHouse Child Locator- $169.95
The panic that can ensue once a parent realizes that they are missing their child in a foreign city is paralyzing. Assuage that feeling by buying the BrickHouse Child Locator that allows you to find your children if they go wandering off towards the shiny object in the distance. With a comforting 600 ft. roaming area, parents can find their children or pet in any situation. As soon as the child leaves the “safety zone” that is preset by that parents, the Child Locator will vibrate, beep, and guide you to within 1 inch of your child.

41kfii6jbl_sl500_aa280_6. Universal International Travel Power Plug Adapter- $9.49
Avoid the confusion and hassle of buying different plug adapters. With this all-in-one power plug adapter you can now travel to the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia with only one plug. Whether it’s a hairdryer, phone charger, or computer cord, you can now bring your home all around the world.





quipod_lg7. Quik Pod- 19.99 Euros (27.97 US Dollars) Searching through pictures on Facebook can sometimes be terribly and painfully funny. Scattered throughout picture albums of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Spanish Steps in Rome, are those awkward pictures of the lone travelers. You know the drill: you hold the camera out in front of your face and CLICK – the people in the picture look larger and worse than they actually did, they normally have some glimpse of an arm that takes up the bottom sliver of the photo, and they are always untagged by the people in them. Stop detagging with the Quik Pod! The awkward, close-up, arm invading pictures are replaced by normal, cultured, well put together sophisticates with the Quik Pod’s innovative, extendable hand held telescopic monopod. The Quik Pod features a built-in self monitoring mirror that allows you to adjust and crop the image. This portable device is definitely a must have for any vacation over the summer.

wireless4cam8. Wireless 4 Camera Color Quad w/ Remote View - $449.95
Travel adventures are double edged swords. Exploring the world and taking advantage of all the different possibilities it presents helps shape you into a better, more cultured human being, but being away from home for extended periods can be dangerous. Now, you don’t have to choose between safety or adventure. With the Wireless 4 Camera Color Quad with Remote View you can be in the Amazon Jungle having tea with your grandmother, on top of Mount Everest fighting with your siblings, or in the tomb of Cleopatra, never worrying about the safety of your house or apartment. Now you can tune into your surveillance feed no matter where you are in the world online and check on your home, property, or apartment.

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