Tracking Athletes Vital Signs Mid-Game

gpa-stats When you play a sports video game you often see your player’s vitals signs such as health and stamina, but never before could you see a real life athletes vitals. With technology that’s currently being developed, this might not be just for video games anymore. GPS Sports, an Australian company, is working on making this something that coaches can use during the game to monitor their own players. Currently being tested by Australian Aussie rules football (soccer) players it works by attaching a GPS enabled vest or small GPS tracker on the backs of players that will tell the coaches how far the players ran, how fast, and even how hard they were hit.

This will help the coaches train the athletes independently based on each player’s health and stats and create a better training plan. It will also help mid-game for coaches to make important decisions such as who should be subbed in or is close to getting injured (there’s only a limited number of times a player can take some huge hits without getting seriously hurt).

This would be perfect for the NFL and the NHL since both sports have their players taking a beating during the game and will help keep the players safe. These stats can also be televised during the game to give the audience an inside look at what the players go through during a game. As of right now, this is only in the development stage, but does look like something that will be introduced into professional sports in the near future.

(Via CNET)

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