Tragic Events, Brazen Store Clerks & More – Security News Roundup, Week of April 22

blog eagleIn a devastating week for security news, it’s important to remind ourselves of all the good that people have done in the wake of recent tragedies. We have stories of real-life heroism, GPS eagle tracking, and more from around the world. Pepper Spray and Headlocks Make a Great Home Defense in Orlando An Orlando man with military training gave three burglars who broke into his home quite the surprise. After chasing away the first thief, the homeowner stumbled onto the second as the thief came down the stairs and attempted to flee. George Gonzales, a 57-year-old veteran of the Army and the navy, quickly put the second suspect in a headlock. He fired pepper spray into the man’s face, but lost control when the third man appeared. Both men ran, and unfortunately, they got away with some jewelry to go with their damaged pride and impaired vision. Gonzales said that although fighting back was his natural instinct, he knows it’s not the best idea. Read more at WOGX FOX 51 Security Cameras to Help Protect Women in India Personal security has become a pressing issue in India, with stories of rape and death making headlines on what seems like a daily basis. A new initiative is underway to install dozens of moving, night vision-equipped cameras in major cities across India, with direct video feeds to local police stations. The aim is to deter violence against women by situating cameras in areas that have proven most prone to the problem, and to facilitate bringing criminals to justice. Read more at the Times of India Chicago Store Owner Caught on Camera Defending Shop Against Armed Robber A Chicago store owner took protecting his shop into his own hands this week, and the security camera caught everything. A pair of thieves, one of them armed, entered a 62-year-old man’s store and demanded cash from the register. A scuffle ensued, and the gunman began firing. Angered, the store owner started swinging with a bat. Although he did get shot once in the thigh, he successfully beat back his attempted robbers and made

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contact several times, scaring them out of the shop, despite his poor swing form. Read more at the Daily Mail Detroit Rite-Aid Clerk Slips GPS Tracker into Robber’s Bag, Aids in Capture Yet another bold store-clerk, this time at Rite-Aid, saw fit to defend his store from a gun-wielding thief. While handing over cash from the store safe, the pharmacy manager slipped a GPS tracker into the thief’s pillow case. It only took Detroit police a short while to follow the special GPS device, designed especially for the purpose of tracking store-robbers. The police apprehended both the accused thief and his getaway driver. Read more at the Detroit Free Press Going Where Eagles Dare with Flying GPS in Australia Researchers at Australia’s Canberra University attached a GPS tracker with a snag-proof harness to a fledgling eagle. The device records the eagle’s position in three dimensions as well as temperature and whether the eagle is in motion, logging the data once every 90 minutes. Initial data dumps proved elusive because the eagle deliberately flew away, inhibiting attempts to get within the one-kilometer radius of the GPS’ antenna. The data will reveal how eagles rear their young, and researchers eventually hope to outfit adult eagles with a more powerful rig to learn even more about their behavior. Read more at the Canberra Times

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