Trapster Database Hacked – Speeding Drivers Beware

Apps have been designed to entertain, educate, and, thanks to Trapster, evade police. The multi-platform application is designed to work with a smartphone’s GPS to warn users when they are approaching police speed traps, and to upload trap locations whenever they’re encountered.

But what the drivers might have saved in speeding tickets they might now lose to identity theft. Trapster has recently alerted its users that their database has been hacked and users’ e-mails and passwords were stolen:

“If you’ve registered your account with Trapster, then it’s best to assume that your e-mail address and password were included among the compromised data,” Trapster said.

But not all Trapster users should be worried—out of the 10 million people that use the app, it was only the portion of users that signed up to report speed traps that might have gotten their login details stolen.

Registered users are urged to change their login information both on the Trapster site and on other websites that use the same e-mail or password for logging in. Trapster also reported that the software’s security was updated to patch up this security breach and prevent future break ins. However, just because Trapster is back to normal doesn’t mean that wreckless driving habits should continue.

(Via Wired)  / (Image by zx6warrior, licensed under Creative Commons)

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