Some Trendnet Home Security Cameras Contain an Encryption Vulnerability

Trendnet, a manufacturer of IP security cameras, has recently found that some of its network cameras leave video they transmit over the web unencrypted, even if a password was used. What this means for the owners of these Internet-connected cameras is that anyone with the right know-how may be able to gain access to a user’s video feed. Potential hackers only need to know the IP address of the vulnerable camera to gain access. This issue affects a small number of units sold by BrickHouse Security over the last few years, and TrendNet assures us that it is hard at work revising the firmware. TrendNet

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expects a security patch to be available this week. If you have any questions or concerns, or simply need help with the updated firmware, you can call Trendnet at 866-520-2348 or navigate to BrickHouse Security has suspended sales of the affected units. (Image via Wired)

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  • amy

    I know that surveillance can be useful. Except when sick people misuse the products. New Laws must be put into action to stop stalkers from using this technology to exploit and target people. I have no recourse to prosecute….


  • My son had those security cameras installed in their house and caught their baby sitter abusing my grandson. They got her arrested. Thank God for these cameras..