Phuket Scientists Use GPS to Track Turtles Migration

turtle1In an effort to study the migration of turtles, scientists at the Phuket Marine Biology Centre are attaching to GPS tracking devices to two young turtles that are heading out into the Andaman sea.

Until now, turtles’ migration movements have remained largely a mystery, especially in their early years. It is believed that mature adult turtles can travel a range of thousands of kilometers, traveling as far as India, the Philippines or even Australia.

If this mission is successful, another 5 turtles will be equipped with GPS trackers as well. Meanwhile, those who are interested will be able to follow the tortes on the Aleenta’s web site.

(Via Phuketwan)turtle2

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  • NBT TV Phuket

    VDO on… or–3— Two sea turtles were released into the Andaman Sea with satellite tracking system devices as part of research on their life cycles. Two sea turtles carrying satellite tracking system – Platform transmitter (or GPS – Argos PTT) were recently released into Andaman Sea at Thai Muang Beach in Phang-Nga at Aleenta Resort & Spa who raised half a million baht in funds through their hotel guests. The devices were installed on the backs of two one year old turtles. The project is carried out by the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (or PMBC) which join hands with the French Argos company to conduct research study and monitor such rare sea turtles’ life cycles, behavior and their food sources. PMBC’s Marine Ecological system expert Supot Chantraporn said the signal on the turtles’ back will be detected by satellite when they emerge on the water’s surface. Reports then appear via internet for the PMBC to study. He went on to express his concerns over the sharp decline of the sea turtle population due to rapid tourism growth and fishing industry. The best food source for sea turtles in the Andaman Sea is reported to be near Nicobar Island. item–4— Turtles laid eggs on beaches at Lanta in Krabi and Thai Muang in Phang Nga. Phuket Marine Biological Centre sent Andaman News these remarkable videos made by Yuthachark Pimolsiripol, Manager of Go Dive Lanta Company on Christmas night of 25 December 2009 at Lanta Yai Island in Krabi province. This nice scene, of a leatherback turtle laying eggs in the same place she was born, is rarely seen these days, as many turtles are usually scared away from busy overdeveloped beaches with bright lights and noisy people. He told us that night not so many people were around because most parties were held on Christmas Eve. He didn't want to disturb the huge turtle by camera flashing because she was laying 85 eggs when he arrived. He was so upset because he saw some local people and tourists trying to touch them and take photos with flashes even when he tried to stop them but it didn't work. The turtle was around 2.5-3 meters long. They kept the eggs in the secret place because they didn't want people to take them. Then he informed staff from PMBC to come to make a research report. Kanjana Adulyanukosol from PMBC also told us with these photos that on January 2 this year there was another nest made by a rare majestic and large leatherback turtle at Thai Muang beach laying 113 eggs on that visit. This turtle had come ashore 12 days before in December, when she laid 99 eggs in the sand.

  • After reading your post.., I remember a song entitled “The way we were” Great post..

  • After reading your post.., I remember a song entitled “The way we were” Great post..