Undercover Pizza Delivery Leads to Arrest

After an attempted robbery of a pizza delivery driver failed, the same three Ohio teens decided they would try again by ordering the pizza to a different abandoned home. Luckily for the pizza delivery driver, the person answering the phone recognized the teen’s voice and decided to send a special delivery driver, one that could easily stand up to three robbers.

This special delivery driver was Tom Baracskai, an undercover police officer for the Elyria police department. Officer Baracskai wore a Marco’s Pizza hat, and placed a delivery sign on the roof of a rusty Oldsmobile; he also cut a hole in a cardboard pizza box for his gun for when he arrived at the vacant home.

Upon officer Baracskai’s arrival, one of the teens approached him and told him to come inside the house. Knowing there was only danger there, officer Baracskai told the teen that he had to get money out of the car, but instead called for back-up. Just moments later, the house was surrounded by police officers and the three teens were arrested. The officers found a loaded shotgun on the porch, which the teens were planning on using to intimidate the delivery driver.

“I think it’s good… There’s no telling what they would have done to the [delivery driver],” said Seth Hellard, a Marco’s Pizza employee.

Hellard said he is happy about the way the situation turned out, especially since he was a victim of a robbery while delivering pizza. He is happy that these criminals are off the street, and he hopes that this arrest will send a message to other would-be thieves to not mess with delivery drivers.

(Via WKYC)

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