Underwear Thief Caught in the Act with Macgyver Style Security System


After having around 60 pairs of his mother’s panties stolen off the clothesline, and hundreds being reported missing in a suburban town in New Zealand, Nick Reeve decided to catch the thief himself.

“It was getting quite disturbing … and mum was getting a bit worried,” said Nick Reeves.

He set up a “homemade security system” by running a cotton thread around the property to know if and when someone were to sneak in, and he  also kept a record of everything that was hung out in the backyard.

Nick and his brother-in-law also planned a way to catch the thief by hanging up some bait panties on the clothesline and leaving them out over night while they hid in the bushes. They sat out all night, and finally at the break of dawn decided to call it a night and go get some sleep. Moments after, Nick seen some man taking panties of the clothesline before trying to move on to their neighbor’s yard.

This is when Nick started yelling at and chasing the thief as he was throwing panties to try to slow Nick down. After about a little over half a mile, Nick finally caught up and stopped the man.

“He was pretty embarrassed,” Reeves said.

At the end of the day, Nick reported the 38-year-old pantie pincher to the police, who was later charged with two counts of burglary.

(Via DailyTelegraph)

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