unNamed App Tries to Trick Facebook Users into Searching for Virus


A new scheme is hitting Facebook, trying to trick its users into searching for virus-infected websites, and ultimately downloading the virus by choice. It works like this: while you’re surfing Facebook, you get a notification saying that you have been infected by an “unNamed App” and that it is an internal spybot. In reality there is nothing wrong with your account, but the hacker expects that you will immediately go to Google and search for this “unNamed App.”

“A normal user will go to a search engine to find out what this is about… and then he will find that there is a nice BlackHat SEO attack that makes the 1st and 2nd results to lead to a malicious website that forces you to install a rogueware application,” reports PandaLabs research lead Luis Corrons.
The hacker’s website will usually rank somewhere near the top of the search engine results, and when you click to go into the website, it will try to force you to download the virus. This shows just how tricky hackers have become. Facebook already knows about this scam and is actively warning its users of it and to “Be wary of any sites that claim to be able to fix this, as they might contain malicious software.” To avoid falling victim to these types of scams, be sure to be careful what you click on.

(Via SecurityWatch.EWeek)

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