U.S. Border Patrol Boats Being Outfitted With High-Tech Surveillance System

bildeThe U.S. Border Patrol recently unveiled its latest weapon in their fight against the smuggling of drugs, weapons, goods, and illegal aliens. The border patrol is now enlisting the help of a specially outfitted 43 foot long boat.

The boat is still in its testing stages but boasts a high speed of 75 mph as well as a new security camera that is able to see up to one mile ahead of the vehicle at night. This new patrol boat is 13-20 miles per hour faster than the normal patrol boats used by government agents today. It is also the first of its kind to use new powerful heat detection software in its cameras helping to ensure that things can be seen even in the darkness of night. The boat is also equipped with 4 machine gun turrets as well as four pistols for the men aboard the boat.

Thomas Norton, director of Customs and Border Protections, has stated that the new boats would be of great assistance especially in the Detroit area where it is being tested. “You’ve got relatively short distances between countries, so you’ve got to be able to react quickly.”

The new prototypes cost about $550,000 and contain another $350,000 worth of electronics. The new features added to the patrol boats will help ensure that illegal activities along our coast lines remain at a bare minimum.

(Via The Detroit News)

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