U.S. Cartoonist Forced Into Hiding By Islamic Extremists

There are a lot of dangerous jobs out there. However, being a cartoonist is usually not considered one of these jobs, or at least that’s what satirical cartoonist, Molly Norris thought.

Molly Norris, the cartoonist that prompted the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Page” on Facebook, is now being targeted by Islamic extremists and has been warned by the FBI to go into witness protection type hiding. Mostly because major Islamic leader Anwar al-Awlaki, a leader linked to many known terrorists, issued a fatwa against her, or in other words, put out a hit on her. Sadly, the FBI has not offered to pay to put her into the actual Witness Protection Program.

The cartoonist started the craze when she posted a cartoon on her blog declaring May 20th as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” which later became the inspiration for the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” Facebook page. This page drew major media attention and caught the eye of Islamists who were not amused.

Although the cartoon may seem religiously insensitive, the cartoon was actually political and issued in response to an Internet warning issued by a Muslim group to Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the satirical animated show ‘South Park,’ for portraying Muhammad in a bear costume. Little did Norris know that the cartoon would force her to go into hiding.

Norris stated that she fears for her life and says that she regrets drawing the cartoon. She also states that drawing the cartoon wasn’t out of disrespect for Islam but rather a political statement to protect a cartoonists’ freedom of expression.

Although the cartoon was clearly disrespectful towards Muslims, it is sad that Harris was forced into hiding for drawing a political cartoon. Since then she has quit her job, changed her name, and has been forced to assume a new identity.

(Via The Money Times)

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