Another Person Becomes the Victim of a Facebook Scam

facebook_419_scamAs much attention as this Facebook scam originally got, apparently people still seem to be falling for it. The scam we’re talking about is a hack scheme that mysteriously takes over a friend’s Facebook account and sends messages to all their friends begging them to send money. The story behind this scam is usually the same and basically says that the friend got robbed in London and needs money to get home. This is what shocks me the most, that the hacker continues to use the same story, which I heard about well over a month ago, and still manages to get people to fall for it.

In this case, the story remained the same, but with one tiny difference. It was the daughter of the friend that needed money. The victim, a Pennsylvania woman, trying to do a good deed for her friend’s daughter, wired her about $1,300. But soon found out exactly what had really happened. Right now this is being investigated but authorities have no leads, and nor do I expect them to catch the person since it is very easy to hide behind the Internet and cover up your trail.

As a lesson to all our loyal readers, next time you hear about one of your friends being stuck in London and asking for money, at least try to get in contact with them or their family and friends before even considering wiring them the money. And by in contact, I don’t mean Facebook chat or messages.

(Via WPXI)

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