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Mirror Cam Can Track Your Vitals

Mirrors—everyone has them in his or her home, and most everyone looks at one at least once a day. Ming-Zher Poh, a graduate student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program, has found a way to get mirrors to show more than just your physical appearance. This new technology will enable you to analyze your health and tell you how stressed or relaxed you are, all based on your reflection. Poh created a program that uses a low resolution camera to scan a person’s face, making it possible to determine vital signs like

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pulse, respiration and blood pressure, just by observing them. This software carries out the scan by measuring slight variations in brightness produced by the flow of blood through blood vessels in a person’s face. The camera and software are then built into a two-way mirror so that a person can look at themselves, and use the mirror as a touch screen to see their results and share them real-time with others. To see a preview of the health-monitoring mirror, watch the video below: (Story and image via MIT News)

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