Watch-Controlled Gun: Future Weapon of Choice for Law Enforcement?

gun-n-watchAnyone can fire a gun. That being said, it’s a common fear among gun holders that their gun will fall into the wrong hands.  But thanks to Armatix, a German firm that created the next generation of guns safety, this worry might be a thing of the past.

This new safety feature outfits the guns owner with a custom wristwatch that sends out a signal to enable or disable the gun’s shot function. The way it works is that if the gun is within a few inches of the watch, a green light lights up on the gun meaning its ready to fire. But if the wristwatch gets too far away from the watch, a red light goes off which locks up the gun and prevents it from firing. This is great for law enforcement since if a criminal somehow manages to steal the gun from a police officer, he won’t be able to use it without the watch on his wrist.

As of right now, this gun is on sale for about 7,000 euros and is expected to ship next month. Since the price is pretty steep, the gun will probably not catch on until properly tested but this advancement has potential to become standard on all future guns.

(Via Wired)

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