Web Cam Viewer Saves Man's Life

Germany Weather In the town of St. Peter-Ording, Germany, a 40 year old German tourist decided to walk on the frozen North Sea to take photos of the sunset. But after a while of shooting and walking deeper into the sea, he eventually got disoriented and forgot which direction the beach was. At that point it had gotten so dark, that the man could no longer retrace his steps back to the beach. The air temperature was already well below freezing, meaning he could have easily froze to death or fell through the ice.

Trying to get some-one’s attention to help him make his way back to the beach, he started setting off the flash on his camera. Fortunately for the man, St. Peter-Ording is a tourist destination known for its beaches and sailing, and the local tourism board runs a web site with a web cam pointing into the direction of the sea. At the exact same time that the man was flashing for help, a woman from over hundreds of miles away in South Germany logged on and noticed his call for help.

She alerted the police, whom soon they were at the beach flashing their car lights to aid the man back in the right direction towards land. After the man finall made his way back to shore, the officers lectured him on the dangers of going out on the ice and let him go home to safety. The town locals are well aware of the danger of going out on the sea at nigh,t since it is very easy to get lost out there, and should probably take some action to set up some lights on the shore to help out future wandering tourists

(Via Yahoo News)

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