What Can You Do with a GPS Tracker?

gpstracking-new imageEarlier this week we received a glowing review of our Spark Nano 3.0 GPS Tracker from Wired. In his piece, reviewer Curtis Silver wondered, what can you do with a GPS unit?

Well, lots of things. GPS tracking can be personal, professional, or a simple solution for keeping tabs on the most important people in your life. In short; a GPS tracker is peace of mind. We’ve written pretty exhaustively in this blog about people and organizations using GPS trackers to solve everything from crimes to scientific queries. If you’re wondering what some of the most popular uses for a GPS tracker are, we’ve assembled a top 10 list here:

1. Track Other People
From keeping tabs on a family member on a long drive to making sure your delivery drivers are making their rounds efficiently, there really isn’t a better solution than a GPS tracker.

2. Let Other People Track You
Are you going on a long drive or hike alone? Having a GPS unit in your car or on your person can give your loved ones peace of mind; they’ll know you’re safe and that you’ve made it to and from your destination.

3. Slow Down A New Driver
Handing over your keys to an eager teen can be a nerve-wracking experience. GPS speed alerts via text or email let you know the moment your teen exceeds a certain speed limit, and detailed reports can show you with certainty that the new driver in your family is being responsible behind the wheel.

4. Walk Your Kids to School
The first time your little one heads off to school on her own can be a major source of parental angst. With a GPS tracker, you can be sure that she’s getting there and back safely — and you can monitor her progress right from your work computer or from any smartphone.

5. Monitor Elderly Relatives and Anyone with Special Needs
Caring for aging parents and those with special needs can put a big strain on any family. Fretting over whether your elderly father or uncle is wandering away from home and getting lost is a reality for millions of caregivers across the country. A GPS unit will help you pinpoint your loved ones in case they wander, and a geofence alert will tell you the moment they leave home.

6. Protect Your Assets
GPS asset trackers can be set to begin tracking the moment they are moved. If you have a boat, or a show car, or a four-wheeler up at your country home, a GPS unit can alert you instantly if they’re being tampered with, and enable you to pinpoint their location in case they’re stolen. GPS asset trackers are also great for monitoring art, jewelry, construction equipment or anything that has personal or professional value.

7. Keep Your Dog on a Digital Leash
If you have a dog, especially a puppy with a tendency to wander, a GPS tracker can be the solution you need to ensure that he doesn’t stray too far from home. You can even set up a geofence that will alert you the moment your furry little friend goes beyond your property line.

8. Find Contest Winners
As we’ve seen in the news recently, candy company Nestlé is using GPS technology to locate contest winners and award them cash prizes. We think that’s pretty sweet.

9. Know the Roads Are Clear
In more and more cities across the US, GPS trackers are being used to monitor where plows have been, so you at home can know for sure which routes to take on your commute to work.

10. For Christ’s Sake
For the past 6 years, BrickHouse Security has been providing GPS trackers to churches to curb the (shockingly high) number of thefts of nativity scenes.

Of course, this list isn’t the end-all-be-all of things one can do with a GPS tracker. What did we miss? If you have a suggestion, let us know.

About the author  ⁄ Erik Helin

Erik is BrickHouse Security's copy chief. Hailing from the Midwest (Wisconsin), Erik moved to NYC in 2010, securing a job at BrickHouse shortly thereafter. Outside of work he writes about music, does freelance advertising work, and wastes his life on the internet. Aside from no-brainers like cheese and beer, Erik enjoys music, travel, TV, his cat, and Brooklyn.

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