Could Your Children Be At Risk?

April is Child Safety Month. The Brickhouse Security experts are here to offer you safety advice.

1. Home Security

Your home is your sanctuary, it may seem safe but, its easy to overlook the hidden dangers within your own household. You spend the majority of time in your home, so you should be extra vigilant when it comes to your home’s security. Even the most secure locations imaginable have their weak points. Make sure all of your external windows and doors have working locking mechanisms, and be sure to make good use of the home security technology available at Brickhouse Security.

2. Public Spaces

As the summer quickly approaches you and your children will want to spend more and more time outdoors. Picnics in Central Park, play-dates at Chelsea Piers, or even afternoons at a crowded mall, are easy places to loose track of your children. Despite you’re best efforts to stay focused on your kids, a quick peak inside a cute boutique and next thing you know the unthinkable could occur. Make the most of the available technology and consider investing in a Child Locator for that added level of protection.

3. School Safety

Your children spend lots of time at school, not to mention at after school activities. Make sure they know the dangers involved in leaving school grounds, and make sure to get to know the school staff. Do your research on all school related activities and network with other parents to acquire any useful information about clubs, sports, locations, or anything else.

4. Car Safety

Being safe in the car should be obvious. We recommend your car be equip with the proper safety precautions, and that you drive responsibly. Beyond that its also important to never leave a child in your car unattended. Never! It’s tempting to leave little Suzie in the backseat while mommy runs into the bank for a quick deposit, but you may regret it.

5. Stranger Danger!

You encounter strangers everywhere. They occupy you’re favorite movie theater, the bodega on the corner, and even loiter around your child’s school. Strangers are indeed omnipresent, and you should be aware that at least a few of the ones you’ve set eyes on are already registered sex offenders. Next time you and you’re future Yankees all-star go play catch in the park, be on the look out for these park-bench-pedophiles hiding behind the morning paper. To be completely safe make your child carry a tiny GPS Tracker for emergency location and even a panic button that you child can press in case they’re in danger.

What Should You Do?

There are more safety and security products available to the general public than ever before. Take advantage of the technology once only available to law enforcement agencies. Keep your kids safe by increasing your home security with the newest home security products and make sure you’re prepared for all public situations.

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