Proposed Strategy Would Overhaul Online Privacy Laws

A plan brought forwardwhite_house by the White House called the National Strategy For Trusted Identities in Cyberspace would improve security and privacy online, suggesting changes such as an overhaul of privacy laws and even the creation of new government offices that would specialize in issues regarding digital identity. The strategy has been in the makings for almost a year, and will be presented to President Obama in the hopes that the final plan will be approved later in the year. Many of the suggestions are supposed to have monetary and legislative consequences, such as limiting how companies that are in control of personal information are allowed to use them as well as “overhauling the liability of identity and authentication providers”.

The plan would help spur the use of technologies such as smartphones that could enter locked facilities by the creation of programs and even new government offices.

“It’s one thing to espouse a policy, but it’s another to get everyone to adopt it,” said Mike Mestrovich, president of the Federation of Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems.

Digital identity and privacy are crucial elements of our everyday life, and the decision to approve a plan that affects millions lies in wait for now.

(Via Information Week)

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