Wild Recon with Donald Schultz Premieres on Animal Planet, Features GPS Trackers

donaldshultzHe’s a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie and animal expert scouring the deepest jungles and deserts for rare species of animals that may hold cures for the world’s most deadly diseases. But tracking animals in remote locations isn’t always easy. That’s why Donald turned to BrickHouse Security when he needed a GPS tracker.

Soon to be featured on his own TV show, Wild Recon, Donald plans on using the trackers to monitor the whereabouts of remote jungle animals in their natural habitat without having to constantly monitor them. That means when he’s ready to find the GPS tagged animals, he can simply log onto his computer or phone and view the animal’s exact GPS location. The devices work off satellite location so no matter where Donald is in the world, he knows he can trust these BrickHouse GPS trackers.

You can catch up with Donald and his adventures by tuning into Wild Recon on Animal Planet at 9pm on Tuesdays.

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