Mac User Lost $100,000 by Switching to Windows

macvwindowsDavid Green, owner of DKG Enterprises, a party supplies firm based in Oklahoma City, usually uses a Mac at work to access all his company’s information and cash accounts.

Then one day in April, Green got sick and had to stay home from work, without his Mac laptop. Although he was sick, he had to authorize a transfer from one of the accounts using his family’s Windows PC laptop.

Thinking it was safe enough, he logged into the company’s account to authorize the payment, but what he didn’t know was that he already had a password-stealing Trojan horse program installed on that computer.

A few days later, the crooks that installed the Trojan decided that it was time to cash out. They withdrew nearly $100,000, sending it out in small chunks of $5,000 and $10,000 to 14 cash mules around the United States. The mules’ jobs were to safely transfer the money to offshore accounts so that it would not be able to get traced back and recovered.

In the end, $22,000 of the $98,000 stolen was recovered back to the company, but unlike consumers, businesses that lose money as a result of stolen online banking credentials usually don’t get back any lost money from the banks and are just left to deal with the loss by themselves.

This type of incident is an example of why many people stick with Macs and avoid PCs, considering that Windows is a larger target for cyber criminals due to holes in network security.  However, the loss most likely could have also been avoided if the owners of the computer were more careful about keeping their security up to date.

(Via KrebsonSecurity)

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