Is Your WiFi Network Secure? Study Shows Nearly Half of WiFi Networks are Hackable

According to a recent study carried out in the UK, nearly half of all home WiFi networks can be hacked in under 5 seconds and almost a quarter are not password protected at all. And the shocking part is that 82% percent of these people believed that their networks were secure from hackers.

The study used an “ethical hacking” experiment where researchers spent half an hour in a city using freely available software to hack as many wireless connections as possible. The hackers found that almost a quarter of the private networks, around 9,249, had no password protection at all, and the ones that did used a typical password that could be hacked in seconds.

The most shocking part was that these “ethical hackers” were able to harvest usernames and passwords at a rate of more than 350 an hour when sitting in town center coffee shops and restaurants.

“This report is a real eye-opener in highlighting how many of us have a cavalier attitude to wi-fi use, despite the very real dangers posed by¬†unauthorized¬†use,” CPP identity fraud expert Michael Lynch said.

In conclusion, when setting up your WiFi networks make sure to use strong passwords. For a guide to password strength and protection, check out this blog story. Also, when you’re logged onto a public network, try to avoid websites that require entering a username and password as hackers can easily see what information is being passed through public networks.

(Via News.Sky)

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