Brave 75 Year-Old Woman Hits Robber, Who Then Flees

grandmarobberIt is safe to say that not many people would get in the middle of an attempted robbery and try to stop it. Shockingly, one 75 year-old unnamed woman did exactly that at a 7-11 convenience store in Boston on February 8th – and it was all caught on surveillance camera, too.

At 1 am the scarf-clad woman was talking to the clerk behind the counter when a man wearing a baseball cap came up next to him and attempted to rob him. The woman decided she was not going to stand for this behavior, so she grabbed the price scanner and started to hit the robber.

It seems that at one point in the confrontation, the woman attempts to maneuver around the counter to get nearer to the transgressor. Eventually the man heads for the door, with no stolen cash, all the while tailed by the woman who attempts a final hit.

Malden police Captain Tom Swanson was surprised by the woman’s daring actions, who wound up dealing several blows to the crook. “I haven’t seen 45 year-olds do that before, much less 75 year-olds,” he commented.

Three days after the attempted robbery occurred, Michael McInnis was arrested by Boston police for unarmed robbery and held on $1,500 cash bail.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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