Word Lens: The Future of Digital Translators

word lensThere are thousands of translation and dictionary apps for the iPhone and other Smartphones, but until now they all required users to either look up the words on an individual basis, speak the phrase into their phone, or take a picture of the foreign language and then translate it over the Web.

Not any more. The next generation of digital translators combines “augmented reality” and digital translators to give you real-time text translation, without having to be connected to the Internet.

The way this new augmented reality translator, also know as the Word Lens app, works is that it uses your Smartphone’s camera to translate the text it sees, and instantly displays the translation on your screen instead of the foreign language. And best of all is that there is no wait time for the translation or for the text to be processed over the Web, as it done right from your phone’s memory.

The app itself is free and, in its’ current phase, comes as an English-to-Spanish (and vice-versa) demo. Any additional language packs are sold in the app store for $4.99, making it one of the cheapest and most efficient digital translators on the market today.

As this is just the introduction of this app, however, there will be some bugs to fix. But the idea that a technology like this is now a reality is proof that the world is becoming more connected through innovation.

Watch the video below to check out the Word Lens app in action:



(Via Mashable) / (Photo taken at Youtube.com)

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