Will the World’s Smallest Camera Change Everything?

With technology improving daily, it’s not surprising to hear about the latest “world’s smallest camera” or “fastest computer” on a near-weekly basis. However, the invention of this latest “world’s smallest camera” is something to talk about. This new type of camera has the potential to change the way digital devices interact with the world and each other.

Unlike a regular camera, the Planar Fourier Capture Array camera has no lens, no moving parts, costs less than a penny to make, and measures up at one-hundredth of a millimeter deep and a half a millimeter on each side (meaning several of these cameras can fit on the head of a pin). The only drawback to it is that it only sees about 20 pixels, giving it a very blurry image.

So why is this tiny, low-resolution camera such a game-changer for future gadgets? Due to its size, extremely low cost, and lack of moving parts, it can be built into any device or  tool that we use today, enabling features that were too expensive or never possible before.

For example, this tiny camera can be used to examine the inside of the human body with the most minimal invasion, help devices and computers recognize objects and interact with them, or work as sensor, replacing more expensive parts to make future devices more efficient and cheaper.

Looking back to the cameras from just a few decades ago, it’s amazing how far technology has come, and we can only imagine how much different everything is going to be in the future.

(Via Fast Company) / (Image by hunnnterrr licensed under Creative Commons)

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  • It’s great to see security technology advancing so fast, and getting smaller everytime!

    As long as they can keep the simplicity down, as well as the price, it’s a winning factor!