The One Phone Number Not to Call for Drugs

When looking for illegal drugs, the one person you shouldn’t call is a detective, especially Senior Detective Alan Rozansky’s office. Apparently one man wanting to get “hooked up” with drugs didn’t get the memo.

Detective Alan Rozansky of the Erie County Sheriff’s office runs the Crime Stoppers hotline and always carries the phone with him. He even answers the phone by saying “Crime Stoppers,” which really surprised the detective when he received a phone call from a man looking for drugs.

Rozansky said, “I couldn’t believe that he really was doing this and then he said, ‘Are you sure this is Eduardo?’ or whatever, and I go, ‘Yea, I got a new phone, it’s hard.’ And he says, ‘Okay, good, good,'”

The man agreed to meet up and was greeted by undercover officers instead of his drug dealer. Luckily for the misdialing man, he didn’t get arrested but was used as an informant to bust another drug deal involving the sale of prescription painkillers. Detective Rozansky says this isn’t the usual way of busting criminals, but is still happy that they got some drugs off the street.

“It’s a little safer. Today we got a little drugs off the streets. It wasn’t the normal way of doing it, but it worked out well,” he said.

As for the misdialing man, he got off without any charges, but did learn a very valuable lesson: make sure you know who you are calling, especially if you plan on doing something ethically or legally shady.

(Via WIVB)

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