This Month in Security News From BrickHouse Security

This Month in Security News From BrickHouse Security

At BrickHouse Security, it’s important to us that our customers and followers are kept up-to-date about the latest in security news. Check back each month to stay informed about what’s happening in the world of security.

Telematics Aid in Disaster Relief and Recovery

The surge in telematics use for fleets offers many benefits to the community during disaster relief and recovery, by creating greater efficiency and identifying areas where the most help is needed.

Technology in Disasters: 3 Ways Today's Telematics, GPS Capabilities Shine

Preparing for the ELD Mandate Compliance Date

The ELD Mandate compliance date is still December 18 and fleet managers are being encouraged to seek training opportunities for their employees, in order to ensure that everyone is prepared to comply. Fleet managers should also be aware of penalties if they are unprepared come December 18.

Trucking Companies Prepare for the Imminent ELD Mandate

Drone Technology Has Taken a Step Forward!

Researchers from the University of Zurich (UZH) recently announced that advanced drone technology development is underway. The newest project is a retina-inspired camera that aims to tackle issues with digital vision in low-light and high-movement environments.

Researchers Give Drones Almost-Human Sight: Tech Could Allow for Non-GPS Use

Defense Against Nuclear Terrorism

The New York City Police Department fleet now consists of a bomb detecting airplane that will patrol the waters around our eastern port, ensuring that threatening weaponry doesn’t make it to our shores.

NYPD Deploys First Plane Since 1959, Will Be Used to Detect Nuclear Terrorism

Setting Up a User-Friendly Home Security System

Home security isn’t as complicated as it once was. In fact, users can create a home security system and smart home setup that accomplishes exactly what they need to accomplish, all on their own!
What You Need to Make a Great Wireless Home Security System

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