Travel Safety: Protecting What Matters At Home

Travel Safety: Protecting What Matters At Home

When you’re on the road, whether you’re taking a business trip, a family vacation, or a short weekend getaway, making sure that your home is safe in your absence is important to you. There are ways you can ensure your property is protected, as well as ways you can monitor your home remotely to keep an eye on everything that happens while you’re away. Some useful options include:

  • Hidden cameras
  • Smart doorbells/doorbell cameras
  • Home automation devices
  • Alarms and strobes

Below is a breakdown of how each of these options can be used most effectively in your home.

Hidden Cameras

One of the many benefits to hidden cameras is that they are disguised as something else and therefore can often go unnoticed by guests and intruders. Some easily hidden cameras for around the home, especially outside, can include cameras disguised as birdhouses, security lights, landscape rocks, even electrical boxes. You can set these devices to begin recording and notify you immediately when motion is detected. They can be placed in high traffic areas, monitoring your entrances or areas of your property where no guests should reasonably be, like backyards or sheds and outbuildings.

Smart Doorbells and Doorbell Cameras

Setting up a doorbell camera allows you to be notified each time the doorbell rings at home, even when you’re not there. Having this technology in place allows you to see a photo or video of the person standing on your porch, and depending on the type of smart doorbell you choose to install, 2-way communication may also be available, sometimes with a visual component. This allows you to communicate with your visitor as though you are right inside the house, even if you’re not. If the visitor is a potential burglar, getting facetime with you will often be enough to scare them off and prevent a break-in.

Home Automation

Showing that your home is lived in and people are there can be a major deterrent of theft, and it is possible to create this illusion even when no one is home. The smart doorbell with 2-way communication is one way as it allows you to give the impression to your visitor that you are inside the house. Other options like light timers and television light simulators can also be useful tools when it comes to giving an empty home the appearance of being occupied. These devices allow your house to operate just as it would when you are home, with lights and television simulators turning on or off at the appropriate times, just like they would when you’re present.

Complete smart home setups can also be used to coordinate security and automation, allowing you to monitor and change settings as needed, to ensure that your home is protected.

Alarms and Strobes

Another option for deterring potential burglars can be the use of alarms and strobes which release auditory and visual warnings, in addition to sending notifications to you. You can use alarms to arm entry doors, windows, and garage doors, set up glass break alarms to go off in the event that a window is broken, motion detection lights that turn on when movement occurs, and more. Keyless entry keypads on doors are also great ways to monitor coming and going on your property if you have expected visitors like pet-sitters or someone coming to collect your mail.

Notify Police

We are a technology-dependent society, and the benefits offered by this advanced technology are hard to dispute. While you may have all of these security options in place in your home, ready to deter potential burglars, it is impossible to deny the benefits of the human security component as well. If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, it can’t hurt to also notify your local police department so they are aware that your property will be empty.

When it comes to choosing the best way to monitor your property while you’re away, there are a variety of options that can work together to provide you with a detailed snapshot of what’s happening while you’re away. If you’re planning a trip and looking for ways to arm your house against unwanted intruders, the BrickHouse Security team would be happy to help. Please contact us for more information about our available security options.

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