Travel Safety: Tips for Hotel Stays

Travel Safety: Tips for Hotel Stays

When you’re traveling, no matter whether your trip is business or leisure, it’s important to be able to vouch for the safety of yourself, your travel companions, and any valuables you’re traveling with. Travelers have been warned by uncomfortable news stories regarding hidden cameras in property rentals, nosy housekeepers in hotels, and more, so it’s no wonder we’re looking for better ways to protect ourselves on the road. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to ensure safety in a hotel or vacation rental. Some of these beneficial tools for travel security include:

  • Bug sweepers

  • Portable hidden cameras

  • Diversion safes

  • GPS tracking devices

Below is a breakdown of how each can be used most effectively for safety during hotel stays.

Bug Sweepers and Looking for Surveillance

When you first enter your rental, it can be daunting to begin sweeping the space for bugging devices and hidden cameras. We provide a variety of helpful resources to help users become acquainted with the process of bug sweeping, including learning articles about choosing the appropriate counter surveillance device for your needs. If you have concerns about being watched, there are a variety of tools to help you set your mind at ease.

Portable Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras may be used by vacation rental hosts, even though that is considered a breach of trust. However, as a guest in a vacation rental or hotel, you can also use your own portable hidden cameras to keep your belongings safe. There are several hidden camera options that could be a great option to leave in a hotel room or vacation rental, allowing you to keep an eye on what happens in your room while you’re gone and determine if someone is spying on you or snooping on and stealing your possessions.

Hidden camera form factors, such as the cell phone charger hidden camera, may be appropriate options for positioning in your hotel room if you want to keep an eye on the space while you’re out working or sightseeing. The hidden camera can be set up to monitor the area where your valuables are going to be stored and can send you alerts ensure that you know immediately if your belongings are being tampered with. Check out our selection of hidden cameras to determine which style would be most suited to your travel needs.

Diversion Safes

If you have chosen to bring valuables with you on your trip, you may feel nervous about bringing them with you, as well as leaving them unattended in your room. Many hotel rooms feature safes, but these are not always foolproof, and travelers often want to manage the safety of their valuables on their own. Diversion safes can be the perfect way for you to keep your valued items protected while you travel.

Diversion safes come in a variety of form factors, depending on your needs. One popular diversion safe style includes the hairbrush diversion safe, which is a great option for traveling as a hairbrush is an ordinary item that might be found in a suitcase. A hollowed out compartment inside the object becomes a place where valued objects, such as jewelry, can be stored with discretion. BrickHouse Security offers a range of diversion safes in a variety of useful form factors.

GPS Devices

Traveling with larger valuable items, like laptops, can also be nerve-wracking for some people. These kinds of assets are harder to store because they generally do not fit in hotel safes. A GPS tracking device can be used to help you keep tabs on the whereabouts of your laptop, briefcase, or suitcase.

We offer a range of GPS tracking devices, but our Spark Nano GPS Tracker is a small, portable device that can be placed inside a bag, such as a laptop bag or suitcase, to monitor the location of your bag and the items it contains. GPS tracking can be a valuable tool as you can set it to notify you about changes to a tracker’s location, movement, etc. If your bag is stolen from your room or moved to an alternate location, you can set up your smartphone app to send you immediate alerts.

Choose the Best Device for Your Needs

No matter what kinds of concerns you have about staying safely in a hotel or vacation rental, BrickHouse Security provides the right tools to handle the job. We invite you to contact our team if you have any questions about hotel and travel safety, or if you need assistance choosing a security measure for keeping your valuables safe while you travel.

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