Protect Your Home This Spring With These 5 Outdoor Cameras

Protect Your Home This Spring With These 5 Outdoor Cameras

Despite the current weather on the east coast, spring is nearly upon us. And as such, many of us will begin to see a shift in our priorities, focusing our attention outdoors, drawn out by warmer weather and longer days. If you are a homeowner, you may be considering your options for keeping your family, assets, and property safe, especially in outdoor areas of your home.

While security systems with alarms and door and window sensors are an excellent way to ensure the safety of the inside of your home, protecting your outdoor spaces may be a bit more challenging. While it is technically possible to place sensors on garage doors and fence gates to help keep people off your private property, there is still an element of insecurity in outdoor spaces that often make homeowners want to keep a closer watch.

Home Security Cameras for Property Surveillance

For many, security cameras are the best way to ensure that your property is safe as they give you the opportunity to increase your field of view around your property. Below are five cameras that can help you protect your home this spring and beyond.

1. Arlo Cameras Monitor Your Home, Inside and Out

When it comes to overall property security, the Arlo Wire-Free Security System with Optional Camera Kits may be your best option. This highly expandable system offers you plenty of room to grow as new cameras can be easily added to extend your reach into other areas of your property. The surveillance footage can be played back live on any internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer using their exclusive app. The wireless system makes remote monitoring easy by connecting directly to your home’s WiFi network.

These cameras are especially useful in outdoor surveillance applications as they can record HD video even in complete darkness, with vision range up to 25 feet. They can be programmed for motion-activated recording, alerting you the moment an expected or unexpected visitor enters the field of view of one of your cameras.

2. Keep Tabs on Who Comes and Goes With The Skybell

One of the greatest frustrations for working homeowners is not being able to be present for the arrival of packages or service workers throughout the day. This problem can be virtually eliminated with the MORzA Skybell WiFi HD Doorbell Camera. Motion-activated recording allows you to see what’s happening on your front porch even if your visitor hasn’t rung the bell. If they do, a push notification is automatically sent to your phone, activating live video, as well as two-way audio.  

The smart doorbell is easily compatible with many existing security or smart home features your home may already be equipped with. Video is full color and features night vision so you can monitor your entryway at all times of the day and in all lighting conditions.

3. MORzA Outdoor IP Ensures That You Never Miss a Moment in Your Own Backyard

An excellent choice for outdoor surveillance at home is the MORzA Outdoor Wireless IP Camera. It is a particularly good option if you already own any of the components of a MORzA home security or smart home system because it is easy to integrate. The camera gathers footage day or night and live streams to any mobile device, giving you maximum control over your own security. Because this camera is weatherproof, there is no limit to its outdoor positioning. Custom recording modes can be set up, allowing for motion-activated recording. Night vision is exceptionally powerful, allowing the camera to capture footage up to 40 feet away, even in complete darkness.

4. Capture Covert Video From a Common Power Strip

Homeowners may find that it’s difficult to monitor some areas of their property due to security blind spots. Yard service workers, for example, may operate in areas that can’t be seen from the house, such as behind garages or sheds. One way to combat these blind spots is with the use of hidden cameras like the Power Strip Outdoor Hidden Camera. This hidden camera is designed to look like a power source in your yard but secretly functions as a security camera that connects to your home’s WiFi and can live stream HD video footage to your internet-enabled device. Custom recording modes such as motion-activated or body-heat-activated recording can be set to ensure that you catch everything that happens. Video can be saved on an on-board SD card or uploaded to the cloud for secure storage.

5. Defender Offers Complete Home Security, With All the Features

When you want to set up a security camera network to monitor every area of your property, the Defender PHOENIXM2 Digital Wireless System is one of the most comprehensive systems on the market. The system is capable of supporting up to four cameras and is incredibly easy to set up, allowing you to have fully-functioning security within minutes. Recording settings are customizable for your specific needs, whether that requires motion-activated recording or set recording times throughout the day and night. These cameras feature night vision up to 40 feet in complete darkness and on board storage capabilities. The handheld 7” LCD monitor that comes with the system allows for convenient video review up to 450 feet from the source camera.

Choosing the Best Security Camera Option for Your Home

Each homeowner will have their own set of needs when it comes to protecting their property, making home security a truly custom experience for each person. At BrickHouse Security, our team can help you choose the most appropriate security option for your property and your personal concerns.

(Image by Tallapragada, licensed under Creative Commons)

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