Top 3 School Security Concerns

Top 3 School Security Concerns

School security is a high priority for educators, administrators, and government leaders alike. With the rise in school violence in recent decades and alarming statistics indicating the numbers of students subjected to peer bullying, it’s a necessity for our educational institutions to have a handle on their security.

No matter the type of school or ages of the students, there are at least three primary concerns for safety in nearly every institution. The most critical concerns include:

  • Bullying or mistreatment of individual students
  • Illegal activities, including drug sale or use, school equipment theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Large scale violence and lockdowns

Security tools are available to combat each of these security concerns, making it increasingly necessary for schools to be educated about proper protection of their students.

Managing Bullying in Schools

70% of students say they’ve seen bullying happen, showing that this concern is a huge one in school settings. Even more concerning, perhaps, is the statistic that indicates that 64% of students who have been bullied fail to report the incident to school administrators, perhaps because of fear of further bullying. This means the behavior of student bullies often goes unpunished.

Hidden cameras can often be useful tools when it comes to identifying concerning bullying situations and ensuring that discipline is applied where necessary by offering video evidence. Hidden cameras which can fit in appropriately in school settings include the smoke detector hidden camera, exit sign hidden camera, or clock hidden camera, to name a few options. Because hidden cameras are easy to hide in plain sight, it is unlikely that anyone who did not place the camera will know that it is there.

Preventing and Identifying Illegal Activity in Schools

Hidden cameras may also be useful tools for monitoring blind spots in the school’s security system. Blind spots are often places where unwanted or illegal activities take place, like drug purchases and drug use, littering, stealing of valuable school equipment including televisions, computers, and more. Having a hidden camera focused on areas where the main camera system can’t see gives school administrators the opportunity to monitor what’s going on in areas they can’t ordinarily reach remotely.

Worst Case Scenario: Large Scale Violence in Schools

Unfortunately, large scale violence has become a concern for schools all around the nation. These incidents seem to have no restrictions for types of schools, ages of students, etc., making their prevention both critical and often difficult without the right tools. While many schools employ defensive measures to ensure safety, such as arming doors with metal detectors to keep dangerous weapons out, other tactical measures are necessary in the event that a large scale school lockdown becomes inevitable.

School lockdowns are often necessary when an institution is under attack, but they can leave school administrators in the dark concerning what’s going on inside the closed down areas. Security cameras, especially hidden cameras which are far less likely to be identified and disabled, allow school administrators and law enforcement to monitor areas of the school which may have been rendered inaccessible in the event of a school lockdown.

While it is difficult to predict whether large scale violence will occur in your school or in your town, it’s important for every school to be prepared for the possibility. This often means preparing security personnel on campus to be able to respond appropriately to such an event, often arming them with the same kind of equipment that would be used by police officers in similar situations. Security guards may use body worn cameras to capture footage of encounters or counter-offensive tools like batons or stun guns which can help them disable perpetrators, if needed.

To learn more about school security protocols and the tools recommended for arming a school for safety, visit the BrickHouse Security Learning Center for more information.


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