Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

Whether you are a parent with a small child or a college kid, you are undoubtedly concerned about their safety now that school is back in session. At BrickHouse Security, we have everything you need to make sure that your safety bases are covered. Here are some of our basic tips for ensuring that your students are safe this school year.

Portable GPS Tracking

Portable GPS tracking devices, like our Spark Nano, can be a great option for keeping track of your children’s whereabouts. If your children walk to or from school, you can place the small, battery-powered tracking device in their backpack to monitor their travel. This can be beneficial in a number of ways as parents can set up multiple features, including alerts which can let you know:

  • When your child is on the move
  • When your child has crossed a certain geofence (i.e. left school property,  entered the neighborhood, or arrived at home, depending on where your geofences are set up)
  • If your child goes somewhere they are not supposed to be (this is done using geofences as well)

Parents will also be able to login to the web application to view where a child’s tracking device is located at any time, or alerts can be set up to send via email or text to inform parents of movement or location. A GPS tracking device is a useful option for parents who are unable to be home when children leave for school and/or arrive home from school. It can also be useful for parents whose children have after-school activities or who walk or ride a bike to school. When parents are concerned about their children’s safety and want to be able to find them at a moment’s notice, a small, portable GPS tracking device is the way to go.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Parents of teenagers often have even more to be concerned about because their children are independent and often driving. Vehicle GPS trackers are easy-to-use devices that allow parents to monitor such things as the location of the family vehicle, its travel and stop history, and even how it’s being driven (often including information about heavy braking and speeding). Having this information can help parents in multiple ways, including giving them peace of mind as they know where their child is at all times, and allowing them to educate their children about proper driving habits. A GPS tracker that is either plugged into the vehicle’s dashboard (like the TrackPort 2.0) or hardwired into the vehicle (like the LiveWire Micro GPS Tracker) can give parents alerts to let them know if their child does any of the following things:

  • Speeds
  • Brakes heavily
  • Accelerates harshly
  • Crosses an established geofence to enter or exit a certain area on the map

Parents are also able to login to the web application to monitor their child’s movement in real-time to ensure their safe travel and arrival at their destination. This can be a great option for parents whose children are new drivers, college students, or taking their first trips unaccompanied by parents.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras may also be useful for ensuring your child’s safety, whether that means having a hidden camera set up at your home entrances to ensure that you’re notified when someone arrives at the house, or giving your child a small portable hidden camera to help them capture bullying or theft. Hidden cameras can be disguised as regular items that can be found at schools, like pens, watches, backpacks, and even coffee cups, making them unobtrusive and easily disguised by the user.

Hidden cameras are also useful tools for school administrators who want to monitor potential dangerous situations like student bullying, harassment, and drug use. School administrators may choose to place security cameras where they can be seen by students, to help deter inappropriate behaviors as students are, or think they are, being watched.

Ensuring Our Students Are Safe

The team at BrickHouse Security understands that parents and school administrators are concerned about their child’s safety. We offer a variety of security solutions that are designed to be used in a school or home environment, specifically for protecting children from unseen dangers. If you are looking for the right solution for your needs, we invite you to contact our team for a consultation.

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