Brand New Technology for the New Year

Brand New Technology for the New Year

As we enter the brand new year, it’s time to begin considering the latest new technology and how using it may benefit you. Some of our most popular product lines are detailed below.

Hidden Cameras


In the hidden cameras category, some of our most popular products are in the B-Link and Lawmate lines. Hidden cameras provide a number of added benefits for users in business and personal applications as they can be disguised to look like other objects or hidden in plain sight without drawing attention to themselves.

Our B-Link cameras are designed to provide users with a cellular connection to the internet for streaming and sharing, even in locations where a network is not available for use, or where using the network would cause privacy concerns. (For example, an IT security professional may choose to use a B-Link router to create a separate internet connection for monitoring purposes, keeping it separate from the primary connection that everyone else in the company is using regularly.)

Even in businesses where security cameras are already in place, implementing additional hidden cameras can provide users with the ability to see what’s happening in their space without the knowledge of those being watched, or in some cases, without the knowledge of those manning the primary security system, or using the business’s existing network. Depending on the concerns of the user who implements these cameras, their use can be beneficial on a number of fronts.

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance tools have important uses, especially in business and law enforcement applications. Most counter surveillance tools are used to identify unwanted spying--whether through recording equipment, GPS trackers, or hidden cameras--and can even be used to prevent it--using tools like voice scramblers and white noise makers.

When it comes to protecting your business secrets, it can be useful to use counter surveillance devices in rooms where top secret information is being discussed like conference rooms, executive offices, and corporate vehicles, for example. We offer a range of products from high-level counter surveillance devices to simple, user friendly designs, and everything in between.

Security Cameras

When protecting personal and business properties, security cameras are an excellent means of keeping your space secure. These devices can come in a variety of form factors and types, giving you a wide range of options that allows you to select the best type for your personal needs. You can choose from cameras with a variety of features, from remote view capabilities that work with your smartphone to cellular connectivity that allows you to monitor online without using local networks.

Cameras are among the staples of security as they provide users with a clear view of their space, even when they are unable to be present. This offers peace-of-mind, but can also provide hard evidence in the case of illegal activity.

GPS Trackers

Utilizing GPS tracking technology is another aspect of ongoing business security as GPS trackers can be used for a variety of business applications. Using GPS for business purposes, especially, has been increasing in popularity in recent years as the technology has developed to meet a wide range of security needs.

GPS trackers can be used to monitor the movement of shipments, identify the location of important machinery or business equipment, keep track of the movements of off-site workers, and more. These security tools are extremely versatile as they provide users with added peace-of-mind and continued security, even outside of the place of business. The Eon 2.0 is one of our most popular devices, but we offer a wide variety of GPS trackers that can meet  the needs of small and large businesses, police departments, government agencies, private users, and more.

No matter what style of security product you’re shopping for, BrickHouse Security has got you covered. We invite you to explore the selection of products available on our new website and contact our team if you have any questions. We are always here when you need to know.


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