A BrickHouse Security GPS Tracking Success Story

A BrickHouse Security GPS Tracking Success Story

The best-case scenario for any security device you purchase—whether attached to a home system or valuable items—is that you never have to use it. Unfortunately, people are the victims of break-ins and thefts every day and having the ability to monitor and track your valuable items is an essential aspect of security. BrickHouse Security provides customers with reliable, technologically-innovative devices to keep their assets safe. Our Spark Nano GPS Tracking Device puts the power back into the hands of would-be victims.


The Spark Nano 6.0

While it’s impossible to prevent theft from happening, being able to locate and track a stolen item increases the success of recovering stolen items and apprehending the person or persons who stole them.  For moveable valuables, including everything from electronics to vehicles, the Spark Nano GPS tracking device is the perfect solution. The Spark Nano is a battery powered discreet tracking device that allows you to track what you value the most, anytime, anywhere.

The Spark Nano’s future-forward features allow you to track your assets from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Relaying real-time locations, the Nano provides users with accurate GPS location of their most valuable possessions. The rechargeable battery that fuels the device will run for up to two weeks with normal usage and its motion activated tracking means you won’t waste battery life.


Real Life Scenario: The Spark Nano Helps Put a Criminal Behind Bars

To demonstrate how the Spark Nano works in real-world scenarios, we recently caught up with BrickHouse Security hero, Debbie Brunson who used the device to help local police track down a burglar while she was away on a vacation.

Debbie works for the state of Florida, and while she was out of town traveling, someone broke into the state government office where she works. The burglar stole several computers and made his getaway in a brand new government issued Ford Taurus that had been parked outside the office.  Besides the street value of the electronics, sensitive information was at risk. As with any theft, there was a lot on the line.

When Debbie’s boss learned of the break-in, he contacted her to tell her about the theft. Debbie immediately checked the Track View app on her cell phone to see if the Spark Nano was on the move and saw that it was. She was able to use the real-time GPS location information to help the police locate and capture the suspect who is now in jail.

If it hadn’t been for Debbie’s foresight in purchasing her BrickHouse Security Spark Nano, the burglar may have gotten away with the crime.

Debbie’s careful planning and quick thinking resulted in the return of the stolen government property and the capture of the guilty party. Because of the Spark Nano’s discreet size and cutting-edge tracking technology, the burglar never even knew he was being tracked and Debbie was able to assist the police from her remote vacation location.


The Spark Nano Offers a Feature-Rich and Customizable Platform

The Spark Nano has added features and capabilities that make it even easier to track your valuables. At BrickHouse Security, we know that the world is increasingly mobile and that our users are on the go. Included with the Spark Nano device is the Track View app that helped Debbie track down a criminal from her vacation spot and is now available for both Android and iPhone users. The Track View app gives users a better, more intuitive tracking experience right on their mobile devices and ensures they can access critical GPS information no matter where they are.

The Spark Nano can be used in a wide variety of applications, from keeping track of valuables to setting up geofencing for specific items or vehicles. However you use it, the Nano will always provide accurate, real-time GPS information so you can get the answers you need.


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