U.S. Becomes Global Leader in Adopting IoT Home Security

U.S. Becomes Global Leader in Adopting IoT Home Security

Smart devices play a huge role in our everyday lives, from Siri and Google Assistant on our smartphones to home devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo. As tons of new smart devices hit the market (i.e. smart mattress covers, smart coffeemakers, etc.) and Americans continue to adapt at a record pace, the popularity of smart devices continues to surge. Analysts predict 30 billion devices will be connected to the information grid by the end of 2020.  As a result, the U.S. IoT home security market is booming.

IoT home security systems (i.e. video doorbells, monitoring apps, smart locks, motion sensors, etc.), also known as smart home security, are quickly penetrating U.S. homes. 18% of American households have one, and it’s expected that 132.5 million homes will have a smart security system by 2023. That growth rate outpaces all other countries around the globe. Norway is the closest competitor, with IoT home security systems in just 15.1% of homes.

What is IoT Home Security?

IoT home security is internet-enabled security.  This means all devices that are used for security are connected to a Wi-Fi network, and they’re easily accessible from applications on a smartphone or tablet. Homeowners can open these apps anywhere and have constant peace of mind that their property and belongings are safe.

For example, IoT home security includes innovative products like doorbell cameras. Every time someone approaches your front door or pushes the doorbell, you receive a notification. You can then view the footage or even speak to the person at your door. This can help you thwart theft attempts, monitor delivered packages, and keep an eye on who’s going in and out of your home. In the event of a theft, you have crystal clear footage of what went on at your door to provide to authorities right away.

Similarly, a system with motion sensors on windows, doorways, and other designated hotspots can offer the same type of notifications and protections for your home’s perimeter.

And What About IoT Home Automation?

And it goes beyond security. With IoT, you can also automate everyday home functions, like lighting and temperature control. And smart locks can grant temporary access to your home for deliveries or concierge services (i.e. dog walkers, cleaners, etc.)

Smart home security is a holistic solution for home protection. It goes above and beyond, anticipating problems and creating long-lasting solutions for them.

Why Americans are Adopting IoT Home Security So Quickly

The U.S. has become a leader in IoT home security for a few key reasons:

  1. Proactive systems: Traditional security systems were reactive, only alerting the homeowner or authorities after a theft or property damage incident occurred. With smart home security, homeowners get notifications beforehand, which helps them act fast to prevent serious problems. Additionally, this proactive approach falls in line with the habits of consumers who are accustomed to fast information, high-tech solutions, and state-of-the-art experiences.

  2. Monitor more than theft: These systems can help parents track the time their son comes home, determine if the cleaning staff overstayed their welcome, or even see how their pet is behaving when they’re away from home. With IoT home security, you can do so much more than protect your home.

  3. Control new aspects of your home: Turn lights on and off with an app and use a geofence to control your thermostat when you’re away from home. Smart home security expands the ways you can manage your property.

  4. Save money: Smart home security relies more on standalone devices, which are more affordable compared to the intricately wired traditional systems of yesteryear. Plus, devices like smart thermostats can cut down on energy costs.

  5. Increased home value: These types of home enhancements are attractive to modern homebuyers and can give your home an extra edge in a competitive real estate market.

In short, IoT home security has a slew of benefits that take home protection to the next level.  Contact Brickhouse Security today to explore the right options for your home.

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