Choosing Between Premade Hidden Cameras or DIY Kits: Tips From Our Experts

Choosing Between Premade Hidden Cameras or DIY Kits: Tips From Our Experts

Many business owners and homeowners are concerned about the security of their property when they’re away. Whether you’re worried that someone is stealing from you in your absence or engaging in inappropriate behavior in your home or business, a covert security camera is an excellent means of keeping an eye on the space without being obvious about it.

Choosing the Right Hidden Camera for Your Needs

When selecting a covert camera for a space, one option you may choose is a premade covert camera kit. Depending on the area where you’re placing it, different form factors, or styles, may be more suitable than others. Some easy-to-hide covert cameras look like regular household or office items such as booksartificial plantsair freshenersclocksrocks, or even coffee mugs.

Hidden camera kits are often curated by our security experts, giving you an easy-to-assemble device with all of the parts already included. Usually these kits include a small camera and a hollowed out casing that looks like an ordinary object but secretly houses the camera. You can choose the best hidden camera kit for your needs depending on where you want to monitor and what kind of object would be most easily disguised in your space. For example, a hardcover book or a plant would be appropriate in an office space, but a teddy bear or an alarm clock would be more suited to a home setting.

Two of our most popular all-inclusive kits are the bottom view or side view smoke detector hidden camera kits and the thermostat hidden camera kit. Because smoke detectors and thermostats are usually staples in any home or office space, they are almost always inconspicuous as hidden cameras.

Looking for tips on using a smoke detector hidden camera?

Creating Your Own Hidden Camera Kit

Depending on your needs and your space, you may decide that creating your own hidden camera kit is more your style. The first step is selecting the object that you would like to hide your hidden camera inside in order to disguise it. Your options are nearly endless, the only requirements being that the object is hollow so the camera can fit inside, and that it has a hole through which the lens can view. Depending on the material of the object you’ve chosen, you should be able to make this hole yourself as you place the camera inside.

Some clever options for housing a covert camera may be a tissue box, a stuffed animal, or a piece of furniture, but your options are nearly endless as long as the object is large enough to house a hidden camera. Once you have an idea about where you want to hide the camera, you will need to select the black box or pinhole camera that will go inside.

Some hidden cameras are extremely small and easy to hide, like the Camscura Micro Black Box Camera. Because of their size they only have the ability to record locally to an SD card. Other options, like the Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera are slightly larger and operate over WiFi, enabling them to stream footage back to your smartphone or computer for ongoing surveillance. Your choice between these styles will likely depend on whether you prefer to have live updates about what’s happening in the space or you're content with an after-the-fact review of what happened while you were away.

Benefits of Choosing a Premade Hidden Camera Kit

Now that you know the options, we'll break down the benefits of a premade or DIY kit. A premade hidden camera kit is expertly curated and comes with all the necessary parts included. It is easy to assemble and specifically designed to look like a regular household or office object. A premade kit is designed to help you get your surveillance established as quickly and easily as possible so you can begin monitoring your space immediately.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Hidden Camera

A custom hidden camera, on the other hand, may be a little more involved in terms of the process for selecting the parts and putting them all together, but overall gives you added flexibility and complete customization options. The individual parts will need to be purchased separately and in some cases, the housing that you select may need to be modified for the hidden camera. Assembly may be simple or complicated, depending on your customizations. One of the added benefits of creating your own hidden camera is that you can use an object that already exists in the space, ensuring that it goes unnoticed.

Whichever hidden camera option you choose will depend on the setting where the camera will be used. While there are distinct benefits to selecting premade hidden cameras, hidden camera kits can also be customized to meet your specific needs. Choosing and setting up a hidden camera in your home or office gives you complete control and complete privacy while monitoring your space.

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