Security Highlights From CES 2017

Security Highlights From CES 2017

As the books close on another Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we're left with a new generation of security solutions, as well as new security questions.

CES, the annual Las Vegas trade show, highlights gadgets and trends in cutting-edge technology from international vendors big and small. This year CES celebrated its 50th anniversary, featuring futuristic electronics ranging from the ever-present connected home devices to autonomous cars and consumer robotics. This year also presented a host of interesting and innovative security products. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Kwikset Obsidian

Kwikset, industry leaders in smart lock and access control technology, really upped their game this year with the introduction of Obsidian. This black-panel lock features a unique pincode login system that first displays two randomized numbers that the user presses before entering their designated passcode. By forcing a randomized entry before the standard passcode, the device discourages wear and fingerprint evidence only on often-used passcode numbers. Obsidian also features a Z-Wave 500 chipset, which enables a greater wireless range as well as next-level secure encryption.

2.'s Autonomous Security Drone

Partnering with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Flight Drone Platform, subscription-based security provider introduced an innovative take on home security this year: Autonomous drones interconnected to a home security system. The idea behind the partnership is that, when a disturbance is detected by sensors within a home, the drone will be automatically dispatched. The drone will fly to the site of the disturbance and capture video, which will then be streamed to the user's phone. The project is currently in a prototype phase, with representatives for saying they hope to have drones in action this year.

3. Alexa Partners With ADT

One of the most pervasive categories of technology at CES was the smart home, and no product made more noise in the category than Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa. Of the many applications for Alexa unveiled at CES was an exclusive partnership with home security company ADT. By integrating ADT into Alexa, users can lock and unlock doors, set alarms, turn lights on and off, and a lot more, all with voice commands.

4. Ring Floodlight Cam

On the outdoor security front, home security camera company Ring has introduced a floodlight camera, connecting bright lights and a loud siren to its motion-activated, WiFi-enabled security camera. This easily installed device isn't the most innovative product in the category, but it's a welcome addition to Ring's line of smart home security devices, including their video doorbell.

5. Securing the Internet of Things

As previously stated, the push towards the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought a lot of convenience to the world, but it's also left a lot of security issues. For the amount of smart refrigerators and smart hair brushes out there, some companies are seeing potential profit in protecting the valuable data collected by connected devices.

The Norton Core is a stylish, geodesic router that purportedly provides an incredibly strong WiFi signal as well as best-in-class network security. The router scans every packet coming and going from your home network for malicious code and known vulnerabilities. It also reportedly identifies misbehaving devices—if someone is trying to use a smart lock as a backdoor into your network, the Core would pick up on it.

Additionally, the eBlocker looks to protect your privacy and security on all of your home internet-connected devices. This device anonymizes your home network, blocks ads, stops all trackers, and hides your IP, all without software installs to your smartphone or PC.

It seems, as with every year, CES brings the best, worst, and silliest out of the tech community, providing both inspiration and opportunity for innovation in the future. Maybe that's why we look forward to it every year.

(Image by LG, licensed under Creative Commons)

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